Augmenting Organizational Memory: A Field Study of Answer Garden

TitleAugmenting Organizational Memory: A Field Study of Answer Garden
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsAckerman, MS
JournalACM Transactions on Information Ssystems
Keywordscollective memory, community memory, field studies, group memory, organizational memory, system

A growing concern for organizations and groups has been to augment their knowledge and expertise. One such augmentation is to provide an organizational memory, some record of the organization's knowledge. However, relatively little is known about how computer systems might enhance organizational, group, or community memory. This article presents Answer Garden, a system for growing organizational memory. The article describes the system and its underlying implementation. It then presents findings from a field study of Answer Garden. The article discusses the usage data and qualitative evaluations from the field study, and then draws a set of lessons for next-generation organizational memory systems.